February 23 2019 21:31:04
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SlXHTTPd GZipping
SoftwareThe last thing remaining on my ToDo list (which had been there for a considerable amount of time as a low-priority task) was to implement GZipping in SlXHTTPd. Well, it only took about 9 minutes in total (a fairly easy task!)... This is quite an important task for me as during my time at Jagex, the company CTO refused to let me implement GZip even though it would have reduced their bandwidth usage by an incredibly large amount (his excuse was that it would be slow despite me putting together tests proving otherwise). Anyway, during my testing for SlXHTTPd it's pretty amusing to see that it managed to GZip a 1.48MiB directory listing down to 30KiB! I've added limits so that it won't try GZipping anything other than text and it won't GZip files over 5MiB in size (as this would take a long time to do).
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