February 23 2019 21:29:31
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.NET and Mono
SoftwareIt's been a while since I messed around with .NET (probably over a year now). I figured I'd been messing around with Java quite a lot and should broaden my skills so I decided to make a quick application in C# to get my AudioScrobbler information and display it (nothing too complex). The result can be seen here. However, I'm a Mac user so I figured I'd try the application running under Mono on OSX. I hadn't really used Mono before but I assumed it wouldn't have a System.Windows.Forms implementation, I was wrong! As you can see here, it's not perfect by a long short, but it's definitely working!

This is fairly exciting because, in some ways, C# is a more powerful language than Java (it has delegates, properties and "out" variables). However, I think these could easily be abused to make bad OO software. With Java you are forced to design your software in a more OO style. E.g. if you need to return multiple results from a method, you'd make an encapsulating method. With C#, you could be lazy and use multiple "out" variables. I'm also not sure I like the ability to alias namespaces in C#, you could alias "System.Console" as "pinecone", then your code could be filled with "pinecone.WriteLine(...)", which could be pretty confusing. C# also does not force filenames and filesystem structures based on class names and namespaces, which could lead to messy organisation of code. Anyway, I'm still learning the ins and outs of .NET and for now it's quite exciting.
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