February 23 2019 21:30:19
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Project Management
SoftwareAfter years of using CVS, I decided to take the plunge and "upgrade" to using SVN based on seeing a project named Trac. Trac is a project tracking system that gives you a web front-end to manage issues, source code and Wiki entries pertaining to your project. The only problem I had was its incompatibility with CVS. Upgrading to SVN was a piece of cake thanks to cvs2svn and I have to say, I'm a lot happier with SVN than I was with CVS (the concept of "changesets" is very nice).

Back when I first started working on the SlX libraries and all projects that utilise said libraries, all I used for issue tracking was a ".txt" file and a text editor. Trac makes it so much easier for me to keep track of bugs and new features. If you are working on a software development project or are in a similarly semi-unorganised situation that I was in, I highly suggest that you check Trac out. It's never too late to implement good project management!
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