February 23 2019 21:56:37
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More Server Fun and Games
NewsAll of my server parts arrived today. It must be said that I'm not that impressed with the case. It's a real nuisance to open and remove the front panel (the only way to get hard drives in and out). Hopefully this won't be too much of an issue since I shouldn't need to change the hard drives often. After unpacking everything and disassembling the case, I noticed that LinITX had sent me hard drives with an IDE interface instead of SATA. So basically, my server is sitting here doing nothing until I can get some hard drives. To their credit, LinITX have sent the replacement hard drives already and will collect the incorrect ones when the new ones are delivered, which will be tomorrow.

Another disappointment is the set of stock fans that came with the case. They're loud. I'll have to order some from QuietPC. I'm thinking of getting these:

1x 40mm CPU
1x 60mm Top Case
1x 70mm Back Case
1x 80mm PSU

The BIOS of the motherboard feels pretty cheap. It's unresponsive, basic and ugly... but it at least does the job. Thankfully it's capable of booting from USB sticks - no need for a CD/DVD drive!

The CPU is impressive. Not only is the ATOM 330 a dual core CPU, but it also supports HyperThreading. This means that, to Linux, I have 4 CPUs (in laymans terms).

I have run Memtest86+ on the system, after 1h37m44s it had verified that there are no problems with my RAM... amazing! I normally end up with a bad stick of RAM whenever I buy PC hardware.
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