February 23 2019 21:30:53
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New Guitar
PersonalWith it being my birthday today, I decided to spoil myself and get a new Guitar. I got the Gibson Robot Guitar in Manhattan Midnight blue. For those who don't know, this guitar tunes itself. No, I don't suck at tuning and can tune by ear to some degree... I would just rather play something than spend 5-10 minutes tuning (tuning with a tremolo takes a long time). As with my last guitar, it arrived broken. This time, rather than a snapped neck, one of the "Powerhead" machine heads didn't work (I could tune it manually, but it wouldn't turn automatically). I managed to prove it was receiving power by shorting two of the guitar strings together - when this is done, a white LED flashes to warn you that there is a short. I then tried swapping two Powerheads over, and even when swapped to a new place on the headstock, it didn't turn. The only option left was to open the defective Powerhead. Upon inspecting the innards, it was obvious immediately what the problem was - there was barely any solder on the motor contacts AND the contacts that make contact with the PCB on the headstock were too recessed to do so properly. After 5 minutes with a soldering iron and a flat-bladed screwdriver (to push the contact further out) I'd fixed both problems. When I reassembled everything, it worked perfectly!

I'm not that impressed with the Powerhead design; the contacts aren't springloaded, which could lead to problems down the line if there isn't enough pressure between them and the PCB on the headstock. I'm also not too impressed with Gibson as when I opened the guitar case, I noticed there was no mains adaptor for the charger. I assumed this was a packing mistake and called up the shop and told them about the missing mains adaptor and the broken Powerhead. However, upon doing some research, I found that everyone in Europe was missing the mains adaptor. Gibson, apparently, decided not to include one in Europe as, according to them, we all use different voltages, which just isn't true (we all use 230v). To make things worse, the charging unit had no specifications on it as to the input voltage, current or polarity. Thankfully, someone from America was nice enough to post the details displayed on his mains adaptor on a forum and I was able to find an old mains adaptor that worked perfectly.

Anyway, problems aside, it's a really nice guitar. It sounds really crunchy and full. The sustain goes on forever compared to my Ibanez and the sound feels much tighter and cleaner.

So without further ado, here is a photo of it:

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