February 23 2019 21:37:45
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Great Customer Support from Apple
PersonalYesterday, my MacBook Air's left hinge sheared off. This was not a happy event. It turns out that this has been happening for a while to many people. While it's disappointing that there is an apparent design flaw relating to the hinges, it's encouraging that Apple has acknowledged the problem and offers free repairs (subject to an Apple "Genius'" inspection) even if the laptop is out of warranty!

I took mine in today, which is 4 months out of warranty. After a quick check with a manager, the Genius informed me that the repair would be carried out free of charge. The entire lid needs to be changed (aluminium casing, screen, hinges, backlight, clutch - the lot!) I only hope that there is a new hinge design or I'll be back in another 16 months with the same problem (the same thing began to happen on my previous MacBook air). It's a bit annoying that Apple wouldn't do anything until it finally broke - I had been in before complaining that the lid was gradually getting slacker with a huge amount of backlash, but I had been told to come back if it got worse.

Anyway, thanks Apple for keeping customers happy!
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