June 20 2019 04:58:24
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SoftwareSince I've had quite a bit of spare time lately I've put most of it to use in developing my personal projects (as you can see, I've been posting about SlXHTTPd). During this development I have made lots of reusable code, so I've decided to make my own libraries! I've called them cc.slx (after my slx.cc domain). If I ever get to the point where I feel they are stable, I'll release them! For now, I've split out all of the reusable code from SlXHTTPd and SlXBot (my IRC bot) into the library. This has lead me to make SlXHTTPd a library. Rather than just running as a standalone server, it can now be placed into any Java project and can serve anything (not just files). It does this by using a "RequestHandler". When a request is made, it gets passed to the root request handler. The request handler can then decide what to do (e.g. based off of the requested page name). This pretty much gives limitless potential and really fine-grained control of the HTTPd within the code. My plan now is to expand on the web-enabled features of SlXBot to demonstrate what can be achieved. The past two months have seen me go through quite a productive phase - I've written 14476 lines of Java in my library, HTTPd and IRC bot!
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