Posted by ShALLaX on August 16 2010 11:15:36
Finding a solicitor wasn't such a problem. The housing developer recommended two firms, stating that they both have good knowledge of the contracts that they use and the development itself.

I gave a phone call to both firms and one of them didn't bother to get back to me, so that made the decision even easier. Both offered the same service at a similar price, however, the one that did respond seemed a bit more professional (certainly from its website).

I have an initial meeting scheduled with the firm tomorrow to prove my identity and hand over signed paperwork. Along with this, I'll need to drop off a lump of money up-front for the fees involved with the work that they perform.

In other news - my mortgage is definitely agreed in principle. I just need to sign the paperwork and provide any documentation (proof of ID, earnings, savings...) that may be required.
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